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ALB Hardware is a learding manufacturer of spider fitting systems in China. The spider fittings have been designed & installed in many international countries focusing on a diverse range of project..

ALB Hardware has two factories – One factory is manufacturing investment casting parts and the second factory is manufacturing CNC Machining parts. We have an exclusive mold center and products developing center that is of the best service. We can install the following: Door & Window Projects and Glass & Wall Projects in China. Currently we also have projects developing in Australia. We provide customers with the best quality service of all our project designs and installations.

ALB Spider Fitting includes100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 160mm, 200mms, 210mm, 220mm, 250mm, 300mm, 2540mm, 3060mm, Fin Spider covers200mm, 220mm, 250mm, etc.

All of our products are made under strict quality control performances and we assure they all passed the materials spectrograph test, load hydraulic test together with the salt fog test of corrosion resistance. We believe that our main goal for all of our customers is to achieve the best quality available together with the customer service guaranteed.

By our high quality and very competitive prices we have built a strong worldwide sales team. Our sales team is professional agent available to help and support our clients. We are interested in looking for more distributors or agents in your area. If you have any questions or concerns, you can inquire our sales team.

If you need any help on any of our products and service, you can contact us by: