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spider glass system features

Since spider glass building are a whole system of metal connector and fastener to connect between glass and spider fitting of modular building structure. Compared with a framed glass building (include hidden frame, semi-hidden frame). Spider fitting glass wall has the following characteristics:

Good permeability:
Greatest vision of large glass through several points connected with the supporting structure. Therefore, The field of vision to the maximum.

Appropriate safety:
Toughened glass fix to the metal connecting to the support structure by robot. Weather sealant acts as a seal only and regardless of the force. Even under the impact of external forces. Serious accident cannot happen because of glass broke down as “glass rain”.

Good flexibility
Spider glass system considers a variety of measures in design of metal connector and fastener. In addition to each connection point can be free to rotate. Also allow some displacement Also allow some displacement and aviod error of inevitable civil construction.

Strong sense of craft
Spider glass system can use various forms with good process and artistic. Easy to choose and use by designers.

Green Energy
Spider glass system building takes sprightly style, and the glass chooses very low light pollution white glass, ultra-white glass and Low-E glass. Also take shading system in indoor and outdoor. Reduce or even eliminate light pollution to reduce energy consumption. Effect is more obvious after using a hollow technology.



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