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Point-fixed glass curtain wall always takes steel structure to fix spider fitting and glass panels, steel structure includes round steel tubing supports, flat steel tube, joist steel, etc. Glass fittings include glass spider fittings, spider connector, spider routel (swivel bolts). First to do is to weld spider connector on structure, then to install spider fitting with spider connector, glazing spider swivel bolts with tempered glass, last to fix spider swivel bolts with spider fitting. ALB spider connector and swivel bolts are all adjustable, connector can be adjusted by length, swivel bolts can be adjusted by length and by angle, so as to make easy to install.
We supply and install following steel supported spider fitting glass curtain wall:

It takes 300mm spider fitting with T03 flat cap spider swivel bolt and Z03 spider connector, for 12mm+12A+12mm insulated toughened glass:

You can download 300mm spider fitting for glass project pdf drawing here,
Click here to check series auto cad drawings.
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